Spa Party & Slumber Party
Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact you?
The best and fastest way to contact us is by email or text message. Please email or text us at any time if you have any questions or give us a call. 

Where are Simply Fab Spa Parties held?
All Simply Fab Spa Parties are held at your home or venue of choice. There is no extra charge for travel to your location if its within 20 miles of zip code 78728 in Austin. If you are more than 20 miles away, then a travel surcharge will apply to your event based on your distance. Due to the amount of supplies, tables, and chairs it takes to execute our spa parties, we cannot accommodate   parties held in apartments or hotels. 

How far in advance do I need to book my party?
We recommend that you book your party 2-4 weeks in advance. We will do our best to accommodate last minute parties (less than 2 weeks notice) however we cannot guarantee that will be possible.

When do I make payment for my parties?
Full payment is due at time of booking. Any final party requests including additional guest and party add-ons should be made a week prior to your party so that we can have all supplies prepared and ready for your event. If requests are not made within this time frame, we will be unable to accommodate any additional guest or add-ons after this point. 
What is Simply Fab Spa Parties, LLC Deposit, Refund, and Cancellation Policy?
Spa Party: Full payment is now due at time of booking. If you must cancel your party for any reason, the following refund policy applies: we cannot refund your payment as we begin preparations for your party immediately.
Slumber Party: A fully refundable security deposit of $50 is due in cash upon our arrival and before set up of your teepee rental the day of party. Full payment is due at time of booking. If you must cancel your party for any reason, the following refund policy applies: we cannot refund your payment as we begin preparations for your party immediately.
If you need to reschedule your spa party or slumber party, we'll be happy to work with you to find an alternate party date. A week notice at minimum must be given to reschedule. Please note: event should be scheduled to occur within 45 days of the date that your event was originally scheduled. After 45 days, your event is non-transferable and another non-refundable deposit will be required to book your event.  

When will your 
staff to arrive on the day of the spa party?
Your hostess will arrive an 1 to 2.5 hours prior to the time your party is scheduled to begin and will immediately begin to transform your designated space. 

What happens during set up/clean up for my spa party?
Set up of your event happens quickly as there are a number of tasks to complete in a short window of time and it is very important for us to stay on schedule. We make every attempt to protect your surfaces with slip covers and towels during the birthday party. We are not responsible for cleaning costs incurred by damages caused by party guests. Break down of your event will begin at the end time as stated in your party agreement. If you wish to continue with your party, we request that you move your guests to a separate area while we break down. 

How much space is needed to set up the sleepover tents

Each tent is approximately 3 ft 11 inches wide x 4 ft long. The tents generally set up next to each other and/or opposite depending on available space.

What happens during delivery and set up of my teepee rentals?

 We typically like to set up the teepees a few hours before your event is set to begin. It can take between an 1.5-3 hours depending on the number of tents rented. Set up time will be discussed prior to the party based on individual needs. 

Inclement Weather/Illness?
Please plan accordingly and be mindful of weather conditions/temperature if you would like to host your event outside. Your spa party may be held outdoors; however, it must be in a shaded and dried area. If you anticipate rain, please have an alternate plan as we do not provide refunds if you cancel your event due to rain. If we cannot make it to your party due to extreme weather or unforeseen illness/circumstances, Simply Fab Spa Parties, LLC reserves the right to reschedule your party. If you chose to cancel the party due to severe weather or illness, please remember that your deposit is non-refundable. However if you want to reschedule your party due to severe weather or illness, we must receive a 24-hour notice. Slumber parties are for indoors only 

How many kids are included in your party packages? and do I need a minimum number of girls to have a spa party? 
Our party packages are designed and priced for 6 and 8 children including the birthday girl. You can have less than that if you want, but the package price will remain the same. If you want to have more than the number of guests included in your package, an additional guest fee will apply based on selected package.  

When do I provide you with the final headcount and additions ?

You have a week before your event to confirm your final headcount and add to your package. If your final headcount includes fewer guests because some guests CANNOT attend, we can discuss some options at the time but no refund will be issued. After final headcount has been provided, you cannot add any guest because we will not be able to accommodate any last minute guest. All add-ons, additional guests fee are non-refundable. 

What happens with guests who do not arrive on time for a spa party?  
Our parties are based on a schedule. Therefore it is important that your guests arrive on time to avoid losing time from services. Guest coming late may join the party at whatever point it has progressed to. Please keep in mind that we cannot extend your event because of late arrivals.

Who takes care of guests who do not want to participate/become ill/are not behaving?
Guests who do not wish to participate will need to be attended by you. We will do our best to encourage participation, but we cannot be responsible for disruptive behavior. It is your responsibility to monitor and take charge if a child is not behaving, becomes ill, or does not wish to participate.

Can siblings of the guest stay during the spa party?

Please remember that our party packages cover the birthday girl and her guests. We would love to have them; however we require notice for any additional guests a week prior to your event to ensure that we have all the necessary supplies for your spa party. Otherwise, we will be unable to accommodate unexpected guests or siblings of guests that were not initially included in your final guest count or the final party details.


Simply Fab Spa Parties,LLC is not responsible for allergic reactions stemming from facials, makeup, DIY activities, linens for slumber parties, wearing of costumes, or any products/activities taking place before, during or after the party. The responsibility lies strictly with the client. It is the Client/Parent's responsibility to check with guests prior to event regarding allergies and inform parents of the guests of the products we will be using. It is the client/parent's responsibility to ensure that a guest with allergies does not consume or come in contact with allergens which may result in an allergic reaction. 

Do you provide tables and chairs for spa parties?  
Yes, we provide the tables and chairs for your convenience. We don't want you to worry about anything. Some packages may be excluded. 

Can the girls eat/drink while services are being performed?
If you'd like to offer snacks/food during or after services, we ask that you please refrain from serving tomato-based foods, greasy or messy foods as they can stain our linens,costumes and robes and make clean up a challenge. We also suggest light colored or clear drinks (no dark drinks such as colas or fruit punch allowed)
We reserve the right to refuse certain 
food items that may damage any of our property.
Is eating allowed inside teepees?
No eating allowed inside or near the teepees.  

What sanitary precautions do 
you take for every spa party and slumber party?
All robes and towels are washed and cleaned after every party. We use spa plastic covers for each and every use of electric foot spa. Linens and teepee covers are washed thoroughly after each use with sensitive detergent. Air mattress, tray tables, decorative items and decorative pillows are disinfected and spot cleaned after every use.

Should we tip the party hostess?
You are welcome to tip if you are happy with our service. For spa parties with more than 6 guests, a 15% gratuity is added to your package total. *gratuity is automatically added to the Fancy and Fabulous package and Slumber Spa Party packages*.  

What do you do with the Photos/Videos you take? 
We take photos and videos to post on our website or social media page. Simply Fab Spa Parties, LLC reserves the right to use photographs taken at your event in all promotional media, whether now or in the future. As a client of Simply Fab Spa Parties you agree that you will make no monetary or other such claim against Simply Fab Spa Parties, LLC for the use of any photograph taken of your child (or children) and your guests. We do not use any identifiable information on our photos, but we respect your privacy and if you prefer for these images not to be used or your party not to be photographed whatsoever, please select your preference at the time of booking.